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Water Gun Fun With Ice Walker 2 lottery simulator Game Machine by Homing Amusement #gamemachine (Order Call Whatsapp:+8618688409495)

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Water Gun Fun With Ice Walker 2 lottery simulator Game Machine by Homing  Amusement #gamemachine (Order Call Whatsapp:+8618688409495)

Water Gun Fun With Ice Walker 2 lottery simulator Game Machine by Homing  Amusement #gamemachine (Order Call Whatsapp:+8618688409495)

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Ice Walker is an exciting new water shooting video redemption game. The fun and interactive game sees players shoot hordes of zombies using water cannons to stop them from taking over the world. The water blaster produces a jet or powerful spray to help players take down more targets faster. The cool smoke mist feature creates a spooky game environment an immerses players in the gameplay. Players keep coming back to play Ice Walker and experience the eight different game missions.

For safety and hygiene, the game is equipped with a disinfection and sterilization system so no need to change the de-ionised water. Ice walker is available in 2 Player and 4 Player cabinets.

2 player water shooting video redemption game

Vibrating waterproof game controllers

Produces Jet or Spray water canon

Smoke mist feature creates spooky game environment

8 fun game scenes

Zombie themed cabinet with lighting

Attractive 3D moulded seat back & lighting

43” Screen

Also available in 4 Player cabinet

Product NameICW WALKER 2 Arcade MachineCategory Typesimulator
StyleDriving/riding Game
Screen Size42'screen
multiple play

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HomingGame is a world famous research and development enterprise for interactive arcade games and indoor entertainment products. With over 30 years of experience, Wahlap has established a long-term strategic partnership with many world-famous game development companies, including Micosoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment, SEGA, raw thrills, Konami, taitho, IGS, adrenaline entertainment and the like, and strong local strategic partners on different continents. With continuous innovation and advanced technology, HomingGame has covered all aspects of the industrial chain and provided one-stop solutions for customers, providing all-in-one services, including R&D, production, distribution, playroom design, operation, family entertainment center management system, prize solution and comprehensive after-sales service. HomingGame is constantly helping its business partners and customers to offer their customers unique arcade entertainment and maximize profits.

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