Black Hole Redemption Arcade Game Machine |New HomingGame Ticket Game


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Black Hole Redemption Arcade Game Machine |New HomingGame Ticket Game
The basic game is simple to play: After you insert a credit, a ball is ready to fire. Pull back the pinball-style plunger and launch away, watching the ball orbit around the playfield until it falls into one of the seven holes. The black hole in the center is the one to miss as you lose your game in that instance; hit the hole closest to the center that is labelled Jackpot! to win the listed bonus. With fast, addictive play like this, players will want to give it a shot over and over again!
What Makes Black Hole Special?
– Fast, skill-based play for tickets
– Stellar theme with a mesmerizing multi-color LED light show to back it up
– Large circular playfield draws attention to the piece
– Easy to use pinball-style ball launcher can be used by players of all abilities
– Jackpot Bonus is displayed on a large red numerical LED display
– Red LED displays also show “Tickets Owed” and “Credits”
– Ticket payouts and jackpot bonuses are operator adjustable
– Proven earner on location!
– Ships with standard 2-slot coin door and a ticket dispenser; card swipe ready
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